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DTC Natural Store
Causeway Plaza, Barrington Passage, N.S.
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 Natural personal care products

Such As:

 Aluminum Free Deodorant

 Shampoo & Conditioner,

Body wash & Liquid Soap,

Toothpaste & More.


Check out the supplies for making your own cleaning products.

 We have a large supply of Essential Oils which include DoTerra, Naka and Now brands,

for that fresh scent you want, without  the heavy chemicals.


Soap flakes, Borax & Washing soda

to help make your own laundry detergents.

Get back to nature with natural products.


Limited Time Sale 

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DTC Natural Store

Treat Pain & Help to Prevent Disease Throughout The Entire Body


Stimulate YOUR Acupuncture Points TODAY


Natural Pet Food for your cats and dogs.



Beautiful Stone Pendants

Unique Jewelry for  Essential Oils use 


 All This, And Much More.

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DTC Natural Store


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DTC Natural Store is owned and operated by Carole Greenwood   (902) 637-3370