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Acupunture & Chinese Therapy


Stephen Arnold is a registered

acupuncturist and a member of the

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese

Medicine Association of Nova Scotia. He

received his training at the Canadian

College of Acupuncture and Traditional

Chinese Medicine. He also trained with Dr.

Qing Li Murphy, a TCM doctor with over 30

years experience in Chinese medicine.

Stephen uses a variety of Chinese

medicine techniques to treat health

imbalances. Acupuncture, of course, but also

Tuina and Guasha (forms of massage), Fire

cupping, and Moxa (a warming treatment

using burning herbs) are all methods used to

guide the body back to its normal healthy


Acupuncture has been successful in

treating a host of health issues. The World

Health Organization recognizes acupuncture

as a proven treatment for 25 diseases and

supports it’s therapeutic value as a

treatment for another 50 conditions. It is

particularly valuable in the treatment of

stress and pain conditions.

Initial 90 min. intake sessions

require the client to complete a personal

health history and interview to determine

the nature of the health condition and to

determine effective treatment. The cost for

a 90 min. intake is $ 100.

Treatment sessions are typically

60 min. using a combination of the therapies

listed above. The cost for a 60 min.

treatment is $75.

Acupuncture is covered under most

insurance. Please check with your insurance

provider, as some require a physician's note

for payment.

Stephen grew up in Fort Ellis and

Brookfield, Nova Scotia. Although most of

his working life has been spent in NS, he has

also lived in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and


After 25 years in the entertainment

industry, he decided to study Chinese

medicine, and use his powers for good.  



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