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 Service's Include:



The practice of applying the hands to the body in a variety of motions are proven to be beneficial for relaxation.


Heated Stone Massage

Used in ancient Egypt, heat stone massage is a special technique that is incorporated into regular massage. Smooth basalt and sedimentary stones of various sizes are heated to 39-42 degrees Celius, then used with the hands to create a quicker relaxation response, and increased healing through better blood flow. This is due to the deep moist heat energy of each stone.

Rest & Restore, With A Massage Today



Another body rhythm. An imbalance of this system can adversely affect the brain and spinal cord which can result in sensory motor and neurological disfunction.



 Essentially Oils are believed to have natural healing properties. Massage using essential oils prepared for the individual's specific needs, benefit the clients well-being by the inhalation to the oils aroma as well as the penetration of the oils through the skin. The gentle massage relieves stress and releases toxins from the body.


Benefits of a Massage:

Relieves Stress



Muscle Spasm



It Improves Blood Circulation

Lymphatic Drainagec

And also helps your Emotional Wellness.


On Your First Visit

You will be asked to complete a questionaire concerning your medical history.

There is no charge for this additional information.


You will be left to change and make yourself comfortable on the massage table.

Only the area of your body being massaged will be exposed.


It is advised that you drink plenty of water after a massage session to aid the removal of toxins that are released from your body during the massage.




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